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Core Aeration is one of the best things you can have done for your lawn. Not only does it reduce your thatch layer, but it helps stimulate root growth which is required for a healthy thick lawn.


Aeration is the practice by which hollow tines extract cores from your turf of soil and thatch with minimal tearing of the surface.


Aeration can provide the necessary boost to a marginal lawn and a rejuvenation to others. As nature breaks up the cores, the soil will filter into the turf and support the microbial decomposition of the undisturbed thatch. Air and water entering the coring holes will also enhance decomposition of the thatch while promoting deeper root growth.
Some of the advantages are listed below:
1) Stimulated root and shoot growth
2) Thatch buildup is reduced.
3) Soil layering is disrupted.
4) Optimum water penetration.
5) Improved fertilizer response.
6) Better drying of wet soils.
7) Increased gas exchange between soil and air.


Midwest Ground Effects offers aeration at very reasonable prices in the spring and fall. Please contact us for more details.

Get Creative with Lawn Mowing Patterns

Did you know that mowing your lawn is often considered an art? It’s true! With a few surprisingly simple mowing tricks, property owners can turn their lawns into unique masterpieces that are the talk of the town.

Since the warmer weather warrant that lawns need mowing more frequently, it’s the perfect time to experiment with some new and creative mowing patterns, or let the professionals at Midwest Ground Effects help you.

Proper Mowing = Healthy Lawn

Proper mowing plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy lawn. Before property owners choose to enhance their lawns with a pattern, consider these basic mowing tips to keep grass in the best possible shape.

·         Mow when grass is dry. Wet grass is more difficult to cut, and dry grass will help keep mowers           running smoothly.

·         Keep mower blades sharp to ensure a sharp, even cut.

·         When mowing, try to maintain a consistent speed for the most even lines.

·         Leave the mowing and lawn maintenance to the professionals.


Everyone wants a healthy lawn and though lawns gets nutrients from the soil they often need a little help during the growing season. Fertilizer can help your lawn stay healthy, encourage leaf and root growth, reduce troublesome weeds, aid in recovering lost nutrients and help the lawn recover from numerous activities.


Highlighted in red is the 5 applications

  • Early Spring (around tax day)

  • This is an add application for weed control since we get a lot of moisture customers add an addition application between the early spring and late spring applications.

  • Late Spring (around Memorial day)

  • Early Summer (around 4th of July)

  • Late Summer (around Labor day)

  • Late Fall (around Halloween)

  • Aeration (recommended either early fall or early spring)

Additional applications such as insect controls and pre-emergent weed controls might also be considered, especially if you had a strong infestation of either crabgrass type weeds or destructive insects.

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